Design/Build Plus™ is a proprietary process developed by Cochren Homes Limited for our exclusive use.  Design/Build Plus™ virtually eliminates the major problems and frustrations that homeowners experience when renovating or building a new home.

Here’s how it works:

1. Mutual Qualification. A Cochren Homes Sales Representative meets with the customer to determine if the customer’s requirements, budget and timeframes are consistent with Cochren Homes’ capabilities.  If both parties agree that they would like to investigate the opportunity further, a meeting is scheduled for the customer to meet with the Design Team.

2. Needs Analysis, design and construction budgets.  In phase one of the design process Cochren’s award-winning Design Team meets with the client to determine their needs, objectives, ideas, concepts and timeframe. The Design Team is then able to prepare a Summary of Needs, budget for Design Services as well as a “ballpark” figure for the construction phase of the project. If accepted by the client, a Contract for Design Services is signed.

3. Preliminary Drawings, Working Drawings and Final Budget. Preliminary drawings are prepared based on the Summary of Needs.  When the working drawings are accepted, finish selections, detailed scope of work and final budget are completed as per the Design Contract.

4. Construction Contract. Once the client accepts the design and budget, a Contract for Construction Services is signed by both parties. Cochren Homes applies for the building permit.  All custom finish items are ordered.

5. Production Schedule. Following receipt of the building permit, the Production Schedule is finalized 30 days prior to commencement of work.  At this time, the Commencement and Final Completion Dates are established and guaranteed.

6. A Pre-Construction Meeting is held with the owners and procedures are established  to reduce and virtually eliminate the day-to-day mess, disruption and inconvenience to your household. Cochren Homes and the customer discuss all items of particular concern , such as pets, plants, personal belongings and property in the vicinity of the work area that are not to be disturbed.


Our Guarantee 

Cochren Homes is the first builder that will guarantee to complete your home renovation project on time, on budget and with minimal disruption, or we pay!

Asked why Cochren Homes is taking such a bold step, Mike Cochren replied “We wanted to address the major problems and frustrations that homeowners experience when renovating or building a new home. The building industry is notorious for never finishing on time, always costing more than the original estimate and causing major disruption in peoples lives. With Design/Build PlusT, we eliminate all of those concerns. Guaranteed”.

Here’s how it works:

  •  We guarantee to complete your renovation or new home project on-time, or we will pay you up to 2% of the contract for every week that we are late
  •  We guarantee to complete your project on-budget, or we pay for all over-budget costs.
  • We will minimize the day to day disruption and inconvenience during construction

Contact us for more details on our Guarantee.