A leader in the renovation and custom home building industry, Cochren Homes has become a household name in Oakville. Building and renovating since 1979, our Design/Build Plus™ program sets a new standard for excellence and customer service in the industry.

Convenience-One Stop Shopping. Customers choose to have Cochren Homes handle every aspect of their renovation or custom home from design through production because of the convenience of having one company responsible and accountable for the entire project. Customers choose Cochren Homes when their project is important enough to require professional design specifications, but not so complex that it requires an architect.

The Design/Build Plus™  Program eliminates the major problems and frustrations that homeowners experience when renovating or building a new home. The building industry is notorious for never finishing on time, always costing more than the original estimate and causing major disruption in peoples lives. With Design/Build Plus™, we eliminate all of those concerns.

Systemized. The Cochren Homes team has every aspect of the building process including sales, contract administration, design, production and customer service. The Design/Build Plus™ program is so efficient that we guarantee that your project will be completed on time, on budget and with minimal disruption.

Cost Effective. One would expect this level of support, customer service and high-quality construction to cost a lot more. In fact, Design/Build Plus™ saves both time and money. By taking the time to prepare the comprehensive design and specifications up front, we eliminate mistakes, rework and, most importantly, we aren’t waiting for the customer’s selections and custom work to arrive on site. So the customer receives exactly what they want, on time, on budget, and at a very competitive price. Guaranteed.